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The Performer HP® patio Doors
quality, performance and
precision engineering

Performer Patio Door
Performer Patio Door
Performer Patio Door
Performer Patio Door
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The Performer HP®
Patio Door

The Performer HP® patio door is the essence of quality, performance and precision engineering without any compromise.

PVC and wood frame bonding together for optimum strength.

Cost: $$$$$

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Excellent durability
  • 5 5/8'' or 7 3/8'' frame made of wood and PVC ensuring exceptional sturdiness
  • Plan stiles and interlocks are steel reinforced
  • Screen door with extruded aluminum frame and fiberglass mesh
Effortless operation
  • Self-lubricating nylon tandem panel rollers provide smooth gliding action
  • Screen with adjustable rollers for an effortless operation without coming off the track
Superior energy efficiency
  • High performance sill design has a 10 degree slope for superior water tightness and drainage
  • Sash panels co-extruded with dual flex PVC surrounding the entire 1'' thick I.G. unit for optimum seal
Low maintenance
  • PVC requires minimal maintenance
  • All exposed aluminum is anodized to prevent corrosion

Please use the patio doors configurator in landscape mode.


The Performer HP® patio door meets or exceeds the following testing standards for North America:

AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101./I.S.2/A440-08 CAN/CGSB-82.1-M89 (size tested: 71''x 81 ⅛'' OX/XO) ENERGY STAR® Qualified

among the Top 10

Air Tightness




Wind-load Resistance


Forced entry






of operation



Heights: 79 ½'' or 81 1/8''

2 panels (0X/X0)

Construction Widths: 59'' or 71'' or 95''
Retrofit Widths: 58 5/8'' or 70 5/8'' or 94 5/8''

2 panels

3 panels (00X/X00)

Construction Widths: 87 ¾'' or 105 ¾'' or 141 ¾''
Retrofit Widths: 87 3/16'' or 105 3/16'' or 141 3/16''

3 panels

3 panels (X0X)

Construction Widths: 86 1/8'' or 104 1/8'' or 140 1/8''
Retrofit Widths: 85 9/16'' or 103 9/16'' or 139 9/16''

3 panels

3 panels (0X0)

Construction Widths: 87 ¾'' or 105 ¾'' or 141 ¾''
Retrofit Widths: 87 3/16'' or 105 3/16'' or 141 3/16''

3 panels

4 panels (0XX0)

Construction Widths: 115 ¾'' or 139 ¾''
Retrofit Widths: 115'' or 139''

4 panels

Safety components

  • Key lock
  • Foot and head locks
  • Security bar
  • Optional twin-point mortise lock

Aesthetic components

  • Euro Series handles in 7 different finishes: White, Brass, Antique Brass, Bright Chrome, Brushed Chrome, Black Nickel, Satin Nickel
  • Sidelites and transoms
  • Internal mini-blinds
  • Screw-on nailing fin for new construction application
  • 6'' wood frame (5 5/8'' + 3/8'' exterior PVC extended clad); 7 7/8'' (7 3/8'' + ½'' exterior PVC extended clad)
  • Interior extensions to achieve 8 ¼'', 8 ½'' and 9 ¼'' overall depth
  • Interlock cover
  • Brickmould with aluminum sill extension
  • Many glazing options: Low-E with Argon gas, tinted, V-Groove, Internal mini-blinds
  • Different grid patterns: Slimline, Round pencil, Georgian, Flat Rectangular

Color chart

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White White-OST
Antique White Antique White-OST
Cream Cream 200-B
Beige Beige-OST
Sandalwood Sandalwood 300-B
Clay Clay 340-B
Tan Tan-OST
Pebblestone Pebblestone 330-B
Flagstone Flagstone 540-B
Charcoal Charcoal 530-B
Terra Bronze Terra Bronze 350-B
Rustic Blue Rustic Blue 740-B
Heron Blue Heron Blue 730-B
Ivy Ivy 650-B
Evergreen Evergreen 610-B
Tile Red Tile Red 590-B
Burgundy Burgundy 580-B
Chestnut Chestnut 400-B
Antique Brown Antique Brown 440-B
Black Black 500-B

Colour chart

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DI White Standard DI White
Sandstone Sandstone
Sable Sable
Terrastone Terrastone
Dark Brown Dark Brown
Black Black
Cloud White Cloud White
Royal White Royal White
Maize Maize
Country Almond Country Almond
Wicker Wicker
Sandalwood Sandalwood
Beige Beige
Canyon Clay Canyon Clay
Hickory Hickory
Storm Storm
Charcoal Charcoal
Bahama Brown Bahama Brown
Bronze Bronze
Red Rock Red Rock
Brick Red Brick Red
Crimson Red Crimson Red
Cranberry Cranberry
Forest Green Forest Green
Old World Blue Old World Blue


Patio Door:

Frame Color:


Handle Finish:

Grid Pattern:

Grid Color:

More than 5000 colorsDimension chart View allUp to 8 panelsHandles
Slimline Slimline
1/4" x 5/16"
Round Pencil Round Pencil
Georgian Georgian
5/8" or 1"
Flat Flat

Performer HP Sash Assembly

Performer HP Frame Assembly

Performer HP Finale Assembly

Performer HP Full Assembly